DOWNLOAD MP3: Elaine 2019 Songs


Elaine 2019 Songs Mp3 Download

Download Elaine 2019 Songs: Listen to and download Elaine’s latest mp3 project for free download here.

Elaine’s musical style regarding genre has been described as trap-soul (a blend of trap and soul music), alternative R&B, contemporary R&B, and neo-soul. She has cited R&B singers such as Lauryn Hill and Beyoncé as her biggest inspirations.

Download MP3: Elaine 2019 Songs Below:

  1. DOWNLOAD Elaine – Risky
  2. DOWNLOAD Elaine – I Just Wanna Know
  3. DOWNLOAD Elaine – Changes
  4. DOWNLOAD Elaine – You’re the One
  5. DOWNLOAD Elaine – I/You
  6. DOWNLOAD Elaine – When We’re Alone
  7. DOWNLOAD Elaine – Say It

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